Deborah H. Long Ed.D., DREI, CDEI

Ethics Programs

Programs on ethical decision making are available in a variety of time formats:  from a few hours to full-day sessions.

Depending on the time provided for the program,  the topics addressed in this workshop are:

  • identifying how ethically mature licensed professionals really are
  • the environment necessary to foster ethical behavior
  • the major ethical dilemmas confronting licensed professionals
  • strategies for enhancing ethical decision making
  • the characteristics necessary for ethical behavior

Deborah uses a combination of lecture, discussion, case studies, and video clips to create a provocative and dynamic course.

For Real Estate Practitioners:

For Your Own Good: The Realtor Code of Ethics 

Between January, 2013 and December 31, 2016, every Realtor must take 2.5 hours of Code of Ethics training every four years.  Click here for more information.

For Teachers and Leaders: Struggle for Character: 

Workshop I

A three-to-six hour instructor development training program for ethics teachers is also available.  This program received the Real Estate Educators Association's award for Best Single Education Program in Real Estate in 1996.  This program provides assistance to those who wish to teach ethics in new and challenging ways to real estate practitioners.

The Struggle for Character:  Workshop II

 This program provides to those in leadership or teaching position who wish to learn about additional strategies to enhance moral competence and includes a discussion of the latest research in cognitive development neural science.

For Interior Design Professionals: Drawing the Line: Ethics for Interior Design Professionals A 1.5 hour workshop, a 3 hour workshop, and a 6-hour workshop have been approved for interior design professionals by NCIDQ for CEU credits.  This program highlights the ethical issues unique to those involved in the design profession.  Deborah has written a book for interior design professionals available from NCIDQ.

For State Regulators:  

By the Book: Ethics for State Regulators

Two to four-hour workshops are available for state board members. This program emphasizes the special dilemmas for individuals working in state government positions.

Appraisers, Land Surveyors, Inspectors and Engineers: Walking the Line

Specialized programs are available for licensees and state regulators in these fields.  Deborah was a Distinguished Lecturer for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and has written a guide for engineering educators about teaching ethics.