Deborah H. Long Ed.D., DREI, CDEI

Instructor Development Programs


The following programs on Instructor Development can be offered as separate programs or in combination with course development programs.

Instructor Development Workshop

  •  How Adults Learn: Pedagogy vs. Andragogy
  •  The Physical Learning Environment
  •  Learning Styles
  •  Appropriate use of presentation technology and equipment
  •  Incorporating dynamic Internet resources
  •  Instructor dress, body language, and speech
  •  Teaching Strategies

Course Development Workshop

Participants will develop a lesson plan for real estate course meeting or exceeding standards for adult education established by  the Generally Accepted Principles of Education  (GAPE)

  •  Assessing Participants Needs
  •  Developing Instructional Goals
  •  Developing Instructional Objectives
  •  Selecting Course Materials and Content
  •  Using the Web to enrich course content
  •  Choosing Learning Activities
  •  Choosing Appropriate Instructional Methods
  •  Evaluating Performance (including Item Writing)

Deb on the Web: Presentation Technology for Teachers

Learn how to harness technology to make your presentations more effective, engaging, and up-to-date. Deborah  will provide practical guidance and will demonstrate the use of laptops, LCD projectors, PowerPoint, the Internet, You Tube, and much more in this one-day program. Additionally, the instructor will provide  help in searching the Internet for new course content but avoiding copyright infringement.  This course is for individuals with modest computer skills.

The Struggle for Character:  Advanced Ethics I and/or II

This program for teachers, association leaders,  members of Professional Standards Committees, and regulators,  who wish to teach adults ethical decision making skills received the Real Estate Educators Association's award for Best Single Education Program in the U.S.   

This program can be offered in a variety of lengths.

Participants learn how to recognize the ethical maturity of their students; develop effective teaching techniques for enhancing ethical development; foster ethical development in the classroom and beyond.  Thought-provoking! More information on ethics programs can be found here.


"Just wanted to write to thank you for doing such a great job.  You made a big impression on some instructors who are hard to impress." --Karen Becker, Colorado Association of Realtors, Education Director

"Wow! You exceeded my high expectations...Great job."
--Mark Fagergren, Education Director, Utah Real Estate Commission.

"Thank you for your superb presentation to our [Missouri REALTOR] Leadership Academy. Of course, your evaluation scores were all as high as possible and then some. You gave our emerging leaders a real look at the world of business ethics and helped them put some of their personal values in perspective. They mentioned your teaching points many times for the rest of the retreat." --Vivian Bennett,Missouri Realtor Association

"Your workshop on ethics...was a real hit with both the regular ARELLO attendees as well as educators and practitioners from throughout Texas."--Wayne Thorburn, Administrator Texas Real Estate Commission,  Association of Real Estate License Law Officials, Southern District

"It was no surprise to me that your workshop was by far the most popular and compelling of the day. Every person who attended the Conference has remarked on how helpful your presentation was to them and how much fun they had with you!" --Ann Head, Director, Maine Office of Licensing and Regulation Department of Professional and Financial Regulation

"...Thank you for your excellent program at the Administrator's Conference...I really appreciated the time and effort you put into the program." --Bill Schroeder, State of Iowa Professional Licensing and Regulation Division