Deborah H. Long Ed.D., DREI, CDEI



"I want you to know, by far, you are the best continuing education instructor/teacher I have had the pleasure of experiencing.  I'm a former public school teacher and I recognize excellence and quality.  Not only am I a better real estate practitioner by way of your classes, but I come away a better person from being in your presence.  And, you can quote me on that!"
--Leon Waters, NC Real Estate Professional

"Thanks for making a slow 4 hours each day move quickly and with interest and good humor. I usually say, 'There went another 4 hours of my life I'll never get back" after each CE course, but when you teach them, you make them  both interesting and, surprisingly, educational!   Thanks for being there "at the end" for all us procrastinators!"
--David Morgan, Keller Williams

"Thank  you for your follow through.  I really enjoyed your course. You are a great teacher, and I can make that statement based on taking continuing ed courses...since 1995."
 --Julian Shannon, Julian Appraisals  

"Thanks for providing us with such fantastic CE classes. You are a truly gifted and captivating instructor."
--Jennifer Hilkert, National Markets Administrator  Investors Title Insurance Company


 "Your presentation was dynamite! Many of our agents told me 'I never thought I would enjoy continuing education programs.' Your workshop was thought-provoking and relevant ....It was lively and entertaining with a real message. The agents especially enjoyed the interaction. That was quite an accomplishment with 250 participants."  
--Patricia Hutton, Director of Training, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage, St. Louis

 "Thank you for your superb presentation to our [Missouri Realtor] Leadership Academy. Of course, your evaluation scores were all as high as possible and then some. You gave our emerging  leaders a real look at the world of business ethics and helped them put  some of their personal values in perspective. They mentioned your teaching points many times for the rest of the retreat."
--Vivian Bennett, Missouri Realtor Association

 "The closing left me weeping--over a real estate course! Go figure."  
--Gigi Marshall, Realtor, Salt Lake City Association (regarding the Ethics video)

 "'Debbie is by far the best ethics speaker I have listened to. She is enthusiastic about her presentation and always keeps  the participants active and interested...The time goes too fast during her time.' 'She takes a not-so-exiting topic and captivated us with her presentation.' As you can see, you WOWED [our leadership candidates]."  
--Sherry Talbert, Director of Professional Development, Utah Association of Realtors

 "Debbie, I got your class materials. I just wanted  to write a quick note to say thank you. I don't know if I've worked with such a well-organized presenter. You even wrote your own introduction! Your outline to the commission was perfectly in order! You  knew what AV you needed & communicated promptly. It's been a joy--you've really made my life easier. Wish all speakers were as easy to work with as you!"  
--Lisa Betts, Professional Development Director, Nebraska REALTORS Association

 “Just a short letter of appreciation for the outstanding program [the Nevada Real Estate] Division sponsored on May 8th and 9th at the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtor Headquarters. The 6-hour course, "What is My Ethical IQ," followed the next day by "The Guide to Teaching Real Estate Ethics" was, in a word,  outstanding! The facilitator, Dr. Deborah Long was superb. Having just completed a graduate level course in Ethics and Business at Regis University working toward my MBA, I was particularly impressed with the depth and quality of the instruction presented by Dr. Long. The published materials are quite valuable."
--John S. Hollar, Jr., Member REEA, Broker-salesman & Property Manager, Fortune Properties


 "Wow! You exceeded my high expectations...Great job."
 --Mark Fagergren, Education Director, Utah Real Estate Commission.  

"Your workshop on ethics...was a real hit with both  the regular ARELLO attendees as well as educators and practitioners from throughout Texas."
--Wayne Thorburn, Administrator, Texas RE Commission, Association of Real Estate License Law Officials

 "It was no surprise to me that your workshop was by far the most popular and compelling of the day. Every
person who attended the Conference has remarked on how helpful your presentation was to them and how much fun they had with you!"
--Anne Head, Director, Maine Office of Licensing and Regulation, Department of Professional and Financial Regulation

 "...Thank you for your excellent program at the Administrator's Conference...I really appreciated the time
and effort you put into the program."
--Bill Schroeder, State of Iowa Professional Licensing and Regulation Division


 "Your 'Ethics and the Appraiser Regulator' presentation was outstanding. Evaluations ranked you #1 speaker, even higher than the Anheuser Busch Brewery tour!"
--Association of Appraiser Regulators


 "A joy to witness a teacher who knows about the elements of teaching." "A perfect presentation." "Superb as always."--Comments from the Real Estate Educators Association Annual Conference 2000 session evaluation.

 "[She's] like listening to the symphony.'' "[Her] visuals and words played without intruding upon each other. Deborah, thank you for all that you brought me!" and "I can't remember when I've been more pleased with a presentation. I came for the wrong reasons and was greatly rewarded." Comments from instructor-participants at the State of Utah IDW on teaching ethics in July, 2000.
 "Just wanted to write to thank you for doing such a  great job. You made a big impression on some instructors who are hard to impress."
--Karen Becker, Colorado Association of Realtors

 "Your IDW class in Honolulu [in May, 2005] was terrific. I got a great deal out of it. I wanted to drop you a quick note to say just how much I enjoyed the class."
--Wayne Richardson, III (R) (GRI) (ePRO) (MBA), President and Principal Broker
"I attended an Instructor Developer Workshop sponsored by the Hawaii Association of Realtors, and also attended by the HIREC and a large number of Hawaii real estate instructors taught by Debbie Long. If I consider REEA a pot of gold, then surely, Debbie Long is one of the largest pieces of gold in the pot. Thank you, Debbie. You recharged my jets!"
--Kathy Howe, educator

 "I have been attending the IDWs in Honolulu since their inception many years ago and seldom have the instructors demonstrated the knowledge, passion and dedication that were evident during your class. I earned an MA in Education from Pepperdine in 1973 and during your class, I was wondering what the Pepperdine program would  have been like if PowerPoint and all the other related tools had then been available. Again, thank you very much for enduring the long journey  and bringing your wealth of knowledge to Hawaii."
--Jay Spadinger, educator

"We had the best response from any seminar I have ever put on!"

--Lisa Whited, IIDA, ASID, Vice-President, New England ASID


"Your course got rave reviews! Everyone that I have talked to including the students said it was the best part of the day!"
--Janet Kane, Education Chair, ASID, Virginia Chapter
"What a hit your presentation was during Spring Thing 2002 at Decorative Center Dallas. Even now, four months later, I am hearing positive feedback from the interior designers who attended. They loved it because it really made them think. They also liked the way  you involved the audience and made the presentation more of a
discussion than a lecture. The presentation in itself was fantastic, but  I also appreciated how thorough you were in the presentation's logistics. You were very clear about the equipment you needed and how everything was to be set up. Thank you for taking out the guesswork! I hope that we will be able to work with you in the future. The design community in our region is begging me to have you back!"
--Melissa Clark, Marketing Director, Decorative Center Dallas

 "Thanks again for a wonderful workshop. I really appreciated your expertise in this area, and the comments we heard were all positive."
--Karen Wegner, University of Minnesota, Assistant Director, Continuing Education and Professional Development

 "Your workshop was a big hit. I have nothing but positive feedback. Compliments galore! Bravo!"
--Gleeann Coates, Executive Officer, Iowa Engineering and Land Surveying Examining Board

 "Before our annual meeting, our executive director  had indicated that you were a 'fabulous ethics speaker' that she 'definitely wanted to use in Chicago. The comments from our workshop attendees indicate to use that we definitely made the right decision to invite you to our meeting."
--Michelle Pinkney, National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying

 “Thank you so much for coming to speak to the Engineering Society. I have received nothing but favorable comments after the meeting. I found your delivery engaging and witty. The depth of your knowledge on our subject was extraordinary as you were able to extemporaneously adapt your presentation to questions from the audience.  In addition, your ability to generate discussion and participation from  the audience reflects your openness. Thank you again”
.--Sarita Woods, North Central Electrical Engineering Society, MN

"All of the comments [regarding your ethics session at our annual conference]...have been positive. One older gentleman commented that after 40 years of surveying, most of the programs he attends are somewhat boring, but that your program was truly interesting  and he was disappointed it was not longer."
--Meg Shields, Vermont Society of Land Surveyors

 "I have never seen these stoic Yankee surveyors so animated. The spontaneous standing ovation was great."
--Paul Darbyshire, New Hampshire Society of Land Surveyors.